Protection & Advocacy (P&A)

Protection & Advocacy systems (P&A) like DRC are established in every state and U.S. territory. We carry out activities under several federal programs to provide a range of services to advocate for and protect the rights of individuals with disabilities throughout the state. To learn more about the Protection & Advocacy/Client Assistance Program  then visit the National Disability Rights Network website.

  • DRC operates eight federally-funded programs to advocate for and protect the rights of Arkansans with disabilities.
  • DRC is part of a nationwide network of congressionally mandated legally based disability rights agencies.
  • DRC has the authority to provide legal representation and other advocacy services, under all federal and state laws, to all people with disabilities (based on a system of priorities for services).
  • DRC has the authority to enter any facility in Arkansas that provides care or treatment to persons with disabilities, in order to carry out its mandated rights protection and advocacy activities.
  • DRC services are available to individuals in all parts of Arkansas.
  • DRC services are provided at no charge to the individuals receiving those services.
  • DRC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), click here.
For more information on our mission statement and priorities, our programs and eligibility criteria, contact information and more, you can download our trifold brochure available in Adobe PDF format.