Contact Disability Rights Center of Arkansas

When To Contact DRC:

  • If you would like more information about DRC and what we do.
  • If you want information about your rights, or your minor child’s rights, regarding education, human services, access to public or government services.
  • If you believe that abuse, neglect or violation of rights has happened to you or to some other person with a disability.
  • If you want to help us set priorities for our work in the coming years.
  • If you are a client or non-client and you have a grievance against the Disability Rights Center of Arkansas.

The DRC Information Services Team, staffed with trained and experienced Information Specialists, handles first-time calls for information or assistance.

DRC Information Specialists help callers develop plans for resolving their problems, usually by providing the right information or referral to the right resource.

DRC Information Specialists may call on other DRC advocates or legal staff for assistance as needed.

DRC advocate or attorney representation may be provided in situations fitting DRC Priorities.


Send Postal Mail To:




  • Disability Rights Center of Arkansas, Inc.
    1100 North University, Suite 201
    Little Rock, AR 72207



Call DRC At:


  • Statewide:  (800) 482-1174 V/TTY
  • Little Rock: (501) 296-1775 V/TTY
  • Faxsimile:  (501) 296-1779


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For your convenience you may contact DRC using the form below. Please be as specific as you can with your comments and questions. Items marked with * are required.